Entangeni Foundation

Entangeni Foundation is an NGO situated in Ba-Phalaborwa municipality with its offices at Namakgale.

About Us

We are committed to the socio-economic development of South Africa and the communities surrounding our operations and place high value in sustainable development as integral to the way we do business.

The foundation was birthed by GMP Group in 2013 as part of their social responsibility."

Background Information

Entangeni Foundation is an NGO situated in BA-Phalaborwa Municipality with its offices at Namakgale. As part of its social responsibility GMP GROUP has established the foundation as a vehicle for reaching out.

As the foundation we have designed programmes that will see us improve the lively hood of our community, we have targeted both young and old in assisting them with the following:

1. Alleviating hunger and poverty.
2. Educational programmes (scholars and Adults).
3. Health Programmes (Scholars and Adults).
4. Sports and recreation (Art & Culture).
5. Rehabilitation and Support.

We believe that one can only achieve a limited amount, but with the team the results are exponential. Hence we do hereby invite you to join effort with us in achieving this plan.

Again We (Entangeni) Foundation would like to thank you for participation and hope your contribution will make a great impact to someone’s life.

Our Programmes

We have designed programmes that will see us improve the livelihood of our community through alleviation of hunger and poverty, educational programmes, health programmes, sports and recreation and rehabilitation and support. We have had various events for the community in support of our designed programmes for the social responsibilities as per our gallery below.

+ 70 000 textbooks

“More than + 70 000 textbooks (All grades: Mathematics, science, biology, geography, economics, languages and etc) and others for high learning and religious books. Donated to Entangeni Foundation for community libraries. Thanks to our sponsors both local and international.”


Herewith a sneak preview of our exciting #greenmachinedrive visiting schools and seeing how all our kids really took to our initiative only made us more excited to continue our Green Machine Drive a little while longer! And yes we would like to challenge each and everyone to post a picture of themselves "picking up"their recycling item this month! All you do like our page, load your pic and add #greenmachinedrive. Let's all make a difference today!

Generous Donations

“Thank you GMP Group and Entangeni Foundation for the generous donation of cat food. We appreciate your gesture and thank you for joining hands in the caring and safekeeping of our domestic animals. Phalaborwa SPCA.”

Contact Us

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  +27(0) 15 769 1022

  +27(0) 72 510 4010

  +27(0) 79 419 6813


  33 Calvin Ngobeni Street, Namakgale, 1391

  P.O. Box 9827, Namakgale, 1391